Since every home is different, every family's needs vary. We determine pricing by the condition of the home and the amount of in-between cleaning done by client. We have a specific service lists for different types of jobs that we work from.

We focus on the details and that does take additional attention and time, thus resulting in a mid to higher end pricing for our industry.

Please contact us by email/contact form to begin the process of estimates.

Routine Clients

At Cleaning By Jen, our routine clients are charged by the job and not by the hour. The hourly rate is only factored for the initial cleaning of routine service, which occurs on the 1st (or sometimes 2nd) cleaning of the home or business.

Vacant Homes

Vacant homes are charged an hourly rate with a service list.

We are able to estimate approximate cost when given the specs/details of the clients homes.

One - Time Service

"One-time" services are charged an hourly rate.

Supplies /

For the convenience of our clients, we supply all:

  • cleaning cloths

  • mops & mop pads

  • buckets

  • duster extensions

  • vacuums & vacuum extensions for different flooring types

(We also have specialty tools to reach areas that are not easily accessible)

We offer two options regarding cleaning products - we can provide all products or you may supply them if you’d like.