the service list

Kitchen & Eating Areas

General dusting*
Countertops cleaned & disinfected (including underneath & countertop items)
Exterior of small counter appliances wiped
Exterior of large appliances - stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave (interior microwave upon request)
Sinks scrubbed, faucets cleaned & disinfected
Back-splash wiped
Spot wipe cupboards
Dining table cleaned
Chairs & stools dusted & seats wiped
Floors vacuumed & mopped
Exterior of garbage can wiped (trash emptied and liner replaced)
Cleaning of open floor in walk in pantry


General dusting*
Dusting of furniture & wiping of surface tops
Dusting shelving, decor, knick knacks, picture frames etc.
Wiping of Desks (surfaces must be uncluttered)
Mirrors cleaned
Vacuuming of floors / staircases
Mopping of hard floors and underneath bed & furniture (if nothing is underneath)
Beds made, if desired (linens changed, additional cost)
Interior of closets vacuumed (we request doors to be open and floors accessible)
Dusting of banister & spindles
Door walls glass wiped
Entry window glass wiped


General dusting*
Vanity area cleaned & disinfected - counter, sinks, faucets
Cabinet exteriors wiped
Showers & tubs thoroughly cleaned & disinfected - floors, walls, fixtures, etc.
Toilets interior & exterior
Mirrors cleaned
Decorative bathroom items wiped - soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes & etc.
Garbage cans emptied & exterior wiped
Floors & rugs vacuumed
Floors hand washed
Baseboards wiped
Fresh towels out, if provided

other things we do (additional charge MAY APPLY)

Wiping of baseboards, doors & moldings
Wiping of banister & spindles
Washing of dishes or loading dishwasher
Detail clean of exterior cupboards
Interior of appliances - refrigerator, microwave, & oven
Moving of appliances and cleaning the sides and behind
Interior of cabinets & drawers (must be emptied)
Hand wiping of light fixtures (in place, not disassembled)
Hands & knees scrubbing of floors
Vacuuming of furniture
Moving of couches, tables or large furniture (must be able to slide)
Wiping & spot wiping of walls (not responsible for paint removal)
Detail wiping of furniture (front, sides & legs)
Linens changed
Small furniture moved
Detail clean & TLC of shower grout/tubs
Windows, tracks & sills (accessible with stepstool)

“Whatever cleaning needs you may have, we will do out best to accommodate them!”

* General Dusting includes cobweb removal and is performed in all areas of the home, General dusting includes and is not limited to the following:
Dusting of ceiling, walls, corners, baseboards, doors, moldings, window sills/tracks, lights/fixtures/bulbs, ceiling fans, lamps/shades, knickknacks, wall art, picture frames, blinds

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Things We Don't Do

Reserve the right to refuse service due to insect infestation
Move heavy items that are not easily slid

Move furniture that contains electronics
Remove paint
Insides of fireplaces

Unable to climb higher than a step stool
Outdoor areas or exterior windows
Dishes - additional fee
Animal waste or messes, litter boxes, urine
Bodily fluids, overflowed toilets
Clean or shampoo carpet
Emptying diaper pails